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  • Key Points of Using Fall Protection Safety Harness

    Key Points of Using Fall Protection Safety Harness

    Three elements of Fall Protection system: full-body safety harness, connecting parts, hanging points. All the three elements are indispensable. Full-body safety harness in worn by people working in height, with D-shaped ring for hanging at front chest or back.  Some safety body harness contains ...
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  • Fall protection

    Fall protection

    Fall Protection Related Issues for People Working at Height The casualty accident rate caused by human body falling is very high in industry production. It is related to many factors. Therefore it is quite necessary to prevent falling from height and take individual protection measures. Safety h...
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  • Recycled and regenerated fibers

    Recycled and regenerated fibers

    Due to the global depletion of resources, greenhouse gas damage to the environment and other impacts on human life, people’s awareness of green living is getting better and better. In recent years the word of “regenerated/recycled raw materials“ is getting popular in clothing and home texti...
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  • High-tech synthetic fiber – Aramid Fiber

    High-tech synthetic fiber – Aramid Fiber

    Material Name: Aramid Fiber Application Field Aramid fiber is a new type of high-tech synthetic fiber, ultra-high strength, high modulus and high temperature resistant, acid and alkali resistanc...
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  • Polyamide fiber – Nylon

    Polyamide fiber – Nylon

    Material Name: Polyamide, Nylon (PA) Origin and Characteristics Polyamides, commonly known as Nylon, with an English name of Polyamide (PA) and a density of 1.15g/cm3, are thermoplastic resins w...
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  • Commonly used synthetic fiber – polyester

    Commonly used synthetic fiber – polyester

    Material Name: Polyester Origin and Characteristics Polyester fiber, commonly known as "polyester". It is a synthetic fiber made by spinning polyester made from polycondensation of organic diaci...
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